We live in a world of information overload, social pressures, and keeping up with the Joneses.

We believe Chill Street is that place we all go to step back, wind down, and reconnect with ​ourselves, our family and our friends. To have a laugh, talk old times, share some great food and just do nothing; our happy place! It is​ our hope that through our products we play a small role in helping you enjoy what it truly feels like to chill, and remember what’s important in life.

Through our craft beer products, our merchandise, and our culture, we encourage you to immerse yourself, and to appreciate what fresh craft beer and cider is all about; the experience. Pairing wonderful crafted beers and ciders with food makes for a more pleasurable dining experience. And that’s what Chill Street is all about; a respite from your busy life to focus on what actually matters to you, all while enjoying wonderful craft beers that matter to us.

As its definition states, every now and then we all need to ”Chill”:

  • Calm Down
  • To Hang Out
  • To be easy going
  • Cool, wicked, nice
  • A little bit cold
  • Relax, hang out
  • Its ok

We are so proud of our staff! We’ve been super lucky to find and adopt into our family some of the funnest, most positive, clever, super-chilled individuals that East Hants has to offer! We believe, they make Chill Street that extra special place to learn about, and of course, buy your favorite craft beer or cider. We encourage all our customers to fire questions at our staff, from the details on our beers, on beer and food pairing, to beer and cider styles, you name it. We’re confident you’ll find each and every one is more than happy to help and if you smile, will most likely pour you a sample to taste.