All of our Chill Street beers are made on a SmartBrew system, which was fabricated and shipped from Prince Edward Island. This system is quite automated, and designed to fit in a smaller space than most craft breweries layouts would require. While we rely on SmartBrew for the malt portion of the brewing process, this system allows us to ferment and condition all our Chill Street beers and ciders on-site, right in front of you, adding whatever local ingredients our little heart desires. Please come on in and ask for a tour, as we’re more than happy to give you, or a group of friends, a walk through of the whole process.


While it’s not possible to complete all of the steps involved in the brewing process in a supermarket setting. Largely due to factors such as limited space, steam and vapor considerations, proper grain storage, non-familiar brewing and cleaning odors emitted and the like. This said, we do go to great lengths to ensure product quality is second to none. In fact, we work very closely with the brewing science section of Dalhousie University in ensuring the strictest quality control procedures and testing parameters are adhered to.


At Chill Street, we hand package each can, grunter, crowler or growler we sell directly from the brewing vessel for maximum freshness. In fact, chances are when you stop by Chill Street, you’ll see us filling and sealing a can, or filling a growler, right in the brewery area behind our tasting counter. Please be sure to wave and say hello.