Pairing: It’s not just for wine:People around the world are finally starting to realize what craft beer lovers have known for a long time: beer is not a low-class drink. And, despite what many still believe, wine is not the only drink for refined tastes and palates.

As more and more breweries and microbreweries sprout up and try new combinations of ingredients and brewing techniques, beer is becoming as complex and varied as wine – and it deserves to be treated with the same respect.

The perfect pairing of food and beer can create an awe-inspiring harmony of flavors, highlighting and elevating both as they dance across your palate.

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Could you be tempted to give cider a try at dinner instead of wine? It’s easy to learn the basic concepts behind wine pairing if you spend any time drinking it. Few people realise there are also some guidelines when pairing cider with food, and that it’s possible to enhance your meal with a great cider match, just like with wine.

Pairing cider with food isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. There are no fixed rules and it always pays to experiment, because how will you know until you try? However, there are a few ideas to think about that will help you create the match made in heaven. For example, how acidic is the cider? What notes does it have? Is it sweet or dry? First, taste the cider to get a feel for it before you do anything else, then, the experts suggest you can take one of three approaches to pairing:

  1. You can match flavours: This is probably the easiest approach to take. For example, if you’re eating a bold dish with strong flavours, you’re going to want a full bodied cider. Delicate ciders could become easily overwhelmed.
  2. You can contrast flavours:  This can be a little tricky and require some trial and error to get right – not every combination is going to be a winner. A great contrast, such as a spicy meal with a sweeter cider, can be superb.
  3. You can pair a cider with food that mellows the flavour: For example, if you have a cider that ‘s not dry enough for you, pair it with a sweeter food dish to make it seem dry by comparison.

While the combinations for cider pairing are endless, here are a few time-tested suggestions you can try at home.